Thursday, July 30, 2009


Not simply to mean the Genesis of the Bible. Instead, it is the Genesis, the beginning, of this blog. It seems appropriate to begin with something Biblical, as this blog will mostly consist of such things. Where this will take me, and any readers that join in, is far from me. Who knows what God has in store for something as simple as a mans thoughts? Yet, God has does miraculous works through donkeys and the like (Numbers 22). From this, we have great hope. Especially those of us who are weak and poor in spirit. Our God is faithful, and is worthy of all our trust and hope.


  1. first follower! let the cult begin... hahaha

    and why 139?? hmmm.. psalms perhaps? thats my thoughts.

    i enjoy that you have resurrected the blog dear friend. I look forward to reading ur ramblings.

  2. lol Lauren I appreciate it.

    The follower thing I purposefully changed too for that very reason...

  3. Ps. Fail at changing the follower thing lol